Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Founded in 2009, Bioarray Genetics is a premier gene profiling company specializing in innovative solutions that address the overtreatment and optimal treatment of cancer patients. The Company’s intelligent gene profiling platform provides actionable information about individual patient response to cancer treatments to enhance cancer treatment decisions, develop new therapies, and design better clinical trials.

Bioarray is committed to improving the quality of cancer treatments and making precision medicine a reality.  The Company’s multidisciplinary scientific team develops predictive tests and assays that provide novel insight into the likelihood of patient response to specific treatments.  Tests and assays are performed according to the highest quality standards, including CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Adjustments), to deliver consistent actionable information. Whether you are a patient, clinician or pharmaceutical company, Bioarray Genetics can help you navigate  the treatment of cancer.

           We are at the forefront of innovation and are committed to revolutionizing the treatment of cancer.