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Empowering treatment decisions means providing clearer yes’s and no’s to Oncologists, Nurses, Patients, and their Families. At Bioarray, that means using all of the data available to us in a patient’s DNA, RNA and clinical history to bring clarity to areas of uncertainty. Our first test is the BA-ER Quantification Test that can reduce the uncertainty in knowing if a patient has an ER-positive or ER-negative cancer. Our second test, the BA100 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stratification Test, is the world’s first stratification test for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. It is in clinical validation and will tell an Oncologist whether or not their patient will achieve a pathological complete response to the standard-of-care neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

We are only just getting started. Since our inception in 2011, we have been creating a database of DNA, RNA and clinical information on cancer cases we have researched. This well-annotated database helps us accelerate the development of our future offerings and to fulfill our commitment to informing cancer treatment decisions.

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Empowering Treatment Decisions

Learn about our tests that help empower treatment decisions in ER-Positive and Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Learn about the team of scientists, clinicians, and professionals who have committed 8 years to crack the code of TNBC stratification.

“To do something that has never been done before, you have to think like nobody else has done before. For us, that meant being inclusive of everyone in the Triple Negative Breast Cancer community and committing to each other to use a different lens in understanding the problem of stratification. Once we understood the power of the context of these cancers, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we found the answer. We looked at cancer in reverse to help those looking forward to a complete response to their treatment.”

Marcia Fournier, Ph.D., Founder, CEO

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We seek to empower cancer treatment decisions using gene profiling to provide clinically actionable results to clinicians and patients

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