It Takes A Village

It is said that the journey is the reward. Our journey began in 2009 by understanding the critical unmet need for patient stratification in treating Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). The medical community had been successful in creating stratification tests for ER+ and HER2+ Breast Cancer, yet TNBC stratification remained elusive. Over the years we have been helped by so many in the medical community who shared our passion for cracking the code of TNBC stratification. Our current team is now focused on making BA100 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stratification Test available across the globe. While the journey to this point has indeed been rewarding, we are only just beginning to realize the Patient benefit of eight years in relentless pursuit of solving this problem. Please see our current team of leaders and advisors below.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Marcia Fournier, Ph.D.
Marcia Fournier, Ph.D.CEO / Founder
Entrepreneur 15 yrs experience in oncology and diagnostics industry

Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Bashar Dabbas, M.D.
Bashar Dabbas, M.D.Head of Regulatory
Board certified physician, medical director with 10+ years experience in oncology diagnostics

Utah Pathology Services

Chris Moore
Chris MooreHead of Commercial
Experienced entrepreneur with 15+ years in diagnostics/ medical device commercialization.

Terumo BCT

Jim LaFrance
Jim LaFrance Executive Chairman
30Y Experience in Diagnostic Industry

Current Boards:

Former executive:
GE Health Care
Bayer Diagnostics

Board of Directors

Marcia Fournier, CEO & Founder
Jim LaFrance, Executive Chairman

Clinical Advisors

Industry Advisors

Trusted Partners

We are standing on the shoulders of giants. Without the support of these amazing partners, we would not have been able to bring BA100 – the worlds first and only triple negative breast cancer stratification test – to the world. Thank you!

“Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients and Oncologists are holding us accountable to solve the previously unsolvable.  It is our commitment to them that binds us as a team to create something that has never been done before and make it available across the globe.”

Jim LaFrance, Executive Chairman