Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients and Oncologists Have a New Ally

Until now, no stratification test existed for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Patients. The lack of a test that is able to stratify patients by the likelihood of treatment response, meant that every TNBC Patient would get the same treatment option. We knew this was not ideal, but we had no way of knowing who would and who would not achieve a complete response to treatment until we studied Housekeeping Genes.

Housekeeping Genes

It took 8 years to answer the question: Which TNBC Patients would not achieve a complete response to the standard-of-care chemotherapy? Part of the answer was found in what are called Housekeeping Genes – the genes responsible for maintaining the minute-by-minute clockwork in breast tissue cells. Surprisingly, when the Triple Negative Cancer Cells prohibit Housekeeping Genes from doing their jobs, the tumor’s response to the standard-of-care chemotherapy changes.

Combining this discovery with others, Bioarray Genetics created the BA100 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stratification Test. Using the BA100 test, we not only know that approximately 67% of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients will not achieve a complete response to the standard-of-care chemotherapy, but we can identify who they are. Wouldn’t you like to know too?

Know Your Response

BA100 is now available to select Oncologists and Patients throughout the United States. This is our first step in making the test available around the world. For a test of this importance, it is critical we understand how it will change the practice of medicine for the roughly 67% who will not achieve a complete response to the standard-of-care chemotherapy. To learn how to get the test, click the button below.

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