How to Check for a Bad Alternator before It’s too Late

How to Check for a Bad Alternator before It’s too Late

One of the most troublesome things to ever happen with your car is when an alternator has gone down badly, so it is important to know how to check for a bad alternator beforehand. Since an alternator is the most significant part of a car’s electrical system, it will cause so many troubles if it did not operate correctly. An alternator’s main function is to convert energy from the crankshaft into electricity that turns on your car’s electrical system, and it can recharge the battery. If your alternator is bad, it will not recharge the battery. As the result, it will affect many aspects of car’s electrical system.

Check the indicator

The first thing you can do to avoid those problems is you should know how to check for a bad alternator by learning about the indicator when it is starting to make a problem. Usually, you can hear a strange bad alternator sound and noisy voice coming from your car or radio when you try to start it. If the problem did not lay on the starter, it is most likely coming from the alternator. Besides, if your car is equipped with a warning indicator you will receive a warning notification on dashboard which indicates something is wrong with the alternator.

Do the voltmeter test

After you know the indicator, do a voltmeter test. Just buy a voltmeter at many auto part stores without worrying about the price since you can do the test even by using a cheap voltmeter. For starters, you need to check the battery first then connect it to the voltmeter. If your battery looks old and deteriorating, it might come from the battery’s problem, and the alternator is probably running just fine. Another alternative method is to check for a possible bad alternator diode by switching voltmeter to a low setting on AC scale. If the AC volt has any amount other than 0, it is most likely your alternator needs to be replaced.

It is important to check on battery and alternator condition frequently to avoid them experiencing a problem. Because once the alternator is dead, it will cause a domino effect that can affect many other aspects of your vehicle, such as radio, dashboard conditioning, and even AC. After you learn how to check for a bad alternator, you can prepare for the worst possible scenario before it is too late and destroy your car’s system.

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