Answers that Empower Cancer Treatment Decisions

In the last 5-10 years, advances in technology have allowed exponential growth in medical, biological, treatment and outcome data. Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical companies can access more biomarker expression data and clinical history data than ever thought possible, and the possibilities are still growing in capability and speed. Even with these advancements, there still exists confusion and ambiguity in patient care.

At Bioarray our mission is to make the very best of the data and technology available to provide answers that empower cancer treatment decisions. We aim to transform complex data and information into useable clinical insights.  Our first test, the BA-ER Quantification Test provides an answer to the discordance that occurs between estrogen receptor (ER) protein and ER single-gene testing. Our second test, the BA100 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stratification Test, can provide clarity to whether or not an Oncologist should proceed with the standard of care neoadjuvant chemotherapy or start newer, personalized therapies sooner.

In 2019, over 260,000 people will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the United States. 60% of those cancers will be diagnosed as ER-positive, and 20% will be diagnosed as Triple Negative Breast Cancer. We are proud that our first two tests will bring clarity and confidence to 80% of those 260,000 new cases in the U.S. and the many more across the world.

We are just getting started. With our proprietary algorithms, growing clinical database and advanced genomics technologies as well as our central CLIA-certified laboratory, we continue to develop tissue and blood tests that provide answers that empower cancer treatment decisions.

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We are standing on the shoulders of giants. Without the support of these amazing partners, we would not have been able to bring BA100 – the worlds first and only triple negative breast cancer stratification test – to the world. Thank you!