2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Aftermarket Parts and Its Impressive Qualities

When you compare 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 aftermarket parts with other pickup truck model’s parts, you can tell they still hold a slightly higher place in terms of qualities because they offer many advantageous features, while also maintaining their origin. Even though they are a little bit older and have been modified to fit the market needs for some times, their parts and accessories still deserve tons of positive feedbacks from many people. Well, it has proven many times to be one of the most reliable pickup truck until this day. That’s why for the past few years, Dodge Ram has always become the top priority of people who want to buy an affordable pickup truck, while still offering many impressive qualities.


One of the most significant things about 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 aftermarket parts is that they have unique exterior styles, which makes the appearance more likable and appealing to the general community because of their chic design. The tires and wheels also have powerful performance which can put you in a comfortable state, even though you’re going through some slippery muds, potholes, or other rough conditions when you’re driving on the roads. On top of that, they also provided an excellent engine choice, so you can drive safely.


Moreover, the interior design is also impressive. It usually has three seats on the inside which can bring up to four people. The seats have a neat style and can put you in a comfortable ride. In addition, the car also has an eight-speed automatic transmission, so it can increase the level of fuel efficiency, and bring you to go far away without the need to be worried about fuel problems in the middle of the roads. However, you also have to think about the up-front side of the diesel engine since the cost of its treatment can be quite high.

Best features

Some of the 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 performance upgrades also give the best quality of their features. For example, they use brakes that will stop your car quickly and deliver a smooth brake performance. The other is an aftermarket exhaust system that can free some of the power in your truck’s engine. Despite being an aftermarket product, its quality is still impressive. Many people already give their positive reviews of 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 aftermarket parts, so you can consider this pickup truck as one of your choices in the future.

Gas Stations that Accept Google Pay, and How to Find Them

Modern technology has become more advanced nowadays even you are able to fill your car up in a gas stations that accepts Google pay. Well, we can do everything just by using smartphone. The digital wallet is one of the most impressive inventions that can help humanity paying many things using their phone. However, it can be hard to find a gas station that accepts this payment method. Thankfully, Google has added a card to their Google Pay users, so you can find nearby gas stations easily from your phone.

The steps

Once you added and set up cards to your Google Pay account, you can try to find gas stations in the nearby area that accept Google Pay. The first thing that you can do is open the Home tab of the app, and then scroll down to the bottom list of the cards. Pay attention to the last two cards because it will help you find available gas stations and stores. The last card is a card titled “Use Google Pay Nearby”, which will show you the closest gas stations in your area that support this payment method.

Alternative ways

There are also alternative methods, such as looking at the gas station outside because they usually put available payment method there. They will put Google Pay icons, so you know whether they accept it or not from the outside. You can also find gas stations that accept Google Pay easily by using maps as long as there are NFC barcodes or scanning because this means the gas station is capable of accepting Google Pay. Besides, some gas stations have their own apps, so you can check them to see if they accept Google Pay method or not.

After so many accidents where people get skimmed after paying their fuel using credit card or cash, it becomes more important to know how to use Google Pay at the pump because you don’t have to worry about your card safety. Since some gas stations are private businesses, they probably won’t accept this payment method. However, this method is actually very advantageous, and there will be more gas stations that support this service. Finding gas stations that accept Google Pay can make your travel more convenient as you won’t have to use cash to pay it, so make sure to always check nearby gas stations to see if they support this payment method.

Nexar Dashboard Camera: Affordable, Accessible, and Simple with Unlimited Cloud Upload

Nexar dashboard cam helps to record your entire trip and whatever is happening on it. It will be very helpful, especially if you need evidence of a crime that happened to your car or the surrounding environment. It can also record attempted break-ins, hit-and-run incidents, or vandalism. It is not the first dash cam ever, but its various advantages make it the first position. With an affordable price, it provides easy access and unlimited cloud uploads. Plus, it is equipped with outstanding traffic alerts, GPS, as well as day and night captures.

The design and features

Nexar dashboard camera has a simple design but luxurious. Its top is equipped with a slot and a tool for attaching to the glass or windshield. It also has a mini jack for USB connection. This Nexar dash cam is very easy to connect with a mobile device. To connect it with a cellphone, you only need a supporting application then connect your e-mail account. After that, you can check it any time via smartphone. In addition, this camera can also save videos and pictures to the SD card, which you can move at any time. The image or video is automatically uploaded to the cloud, and you can limit the memory usage.

Recording quality

This kind of dash cam has excellent record ability even on gravel or rocky roads. The recording quality is 1080p, and it is very stable against shaking. Even though the colors are quite saturated compared to the colors in the artwork, the recorded images are very accurate and recognizable. Actually, you can also choose a higher resolution even the night images are recorded very well. There is very little orange tint, but overall it is still capable of producing recognizable details.

This outstanding dash cam provides a retarding termination facility. It will turn off after 15 seconds after the power is turned off. This is intended to ensure that all activities can be caught on the camera even after the incident. This cam is also very affordable when compared to the others. With all the available features and easy access, it is only around 150 dollars to 180 dollars.

The only drawback this dashboard camera has is that it makes the cellphone wasteful of battery when used to access it. However, you can fix this by connecting smartphone to the mini jack on the camera. That’s all about Nexar dashboard camera.